Privacy Policy

Cambodiasextoy has its exclusive set of privacy policies. These policies are crucial for everyone who wishes to visit our website for shopping. Since each and every aspect of our policy is crucial, one has to read, understand and follow the same.


We Safeguard Every Customer Data Protected

When it comes to protecting information, data play a very crucial role in holding on to the image of an organization. Therefore, the information of our customers is kept private, whether it is someone’s name, email ID, address or anything.

Moreover, if you visit our site, you remain an anonymous user. But when you will log in to our website, you need to give your details, which will, however, be kept confidential from others.


We Process Every Data Fairly

Cambodiasextoy makes it absolutely clear that it accumulates data and processes the same for the customer’s convenience to shop. Apart from this, it would be easier for customers to make valid claims later, if any.

As far as this data is concerned, we need the customer’s address, name, email ID, gender, address of the customer where the delivery is to be done, fax number, contact number, bank account details and more.


We Gather your Data to Strengthen a Customer’s Security

Behind gathering each and every data from our customers, Cambodiasextoy has valid reasons. The reasons why we require such data are managing the website, taking payments from customers, customizing specific sections of the website, identifying all sorts of website malpractices, and sending relevant information on our services and products to the customers. So, one should always ensure to provide correct information at all cost.


We Stay Away from Third Parties

There are circumstances where Cambodiasextoy might ask for your updated order details. For this, one can simply log in to one’s account and access the data. However, these facts should never be discussed with a third party under any situation. If this happens, Cambodiasextoy will not be answerable for any inconvenience caused as a result.

We are strict against any type of user details with third parties. Even if we do so, we make it a point to first take his consent and accordingly, we proceed. We have the most authentic and flexible payment modes so that our customers can shop without any complications.

Sometimes, the user data is taken into use for the purpose of market research. So, if you show interest to participate in events or competitions, you might then need to share a few personal details. It is also very important for you to know that one’s personal data might often be used to promote our offers and declare winners.

Cambodiasextoy is equipped with both technical and security measures to stop unauthorized access to your data. All your personal data are collected by us on an authentic server. These servers are highly protected with firewalls. So, there are no risks while initiating payments electronically.

We own the copyright for this Privacy Policy to keep away any type of interference by third parties for business purposes. For law violation, we will take legal actions whenever and wherever applicable.

Cambodiasextoy has the right to make major changes in this Privacy Policy. It might include or exclude clauses anytime, and therefore not responsible for letting users know about this.

For any suggestions or queries, one can mail us at [email protected]