Terms and Conditions

All are welcomed to shop online at Cambodiasextoy from any corner of the country. For this, one also needs to know certain terms and conditions prior to shopping here. These terms and conditions are essential to be known for every customer who visits our store.


Take a quick look at our following terms and conditions:


  • Cambodiasextoy only takes orders from those who are minimum 18 years or above. Hence, one must specify his/her age limit while ordering. Otherwise, the order will not be accepted.


  • If any wrong product is delivered on behalf of Cambodiasextoy and one needs to cancel the order, we must be notified within 48 hours. If one fails to cancel the order within this time period, the order cancellation request will not be accepted.


  • In case a product is shipped in damaged condition, we would definitely replace it. Since we would be accountable, the replacement would be done. But no refund will be done from our end.


  • We accept all fresh products to add to our store and hence we never sell used products. Likewise, no request for used products will be accepted. If it is found that one has used the product and have returned, we will not accept the return request.


  • We have no commercial goals. All we want is to sustain sexual wellness among everyone. Therefore, we recommend all our users to use the product only for personal use.


  • For any harm or damage caused to a product by the customer, Cambodiasextoy is not responsible. Therefore, we will not take up requests for such cases.